Changing the passive impression that the fatherhood held in Scottish past cultural context.
The”family box” “father events” solutions can be able to make New-fathers to be more confident and shoulder their responsibilities to the family.


E5-LAND is a speculative design that collaborates with Nord Project and Google AI Strategy & Research team in Winter School 2020 in Glasgow School of Art to explore the opportunity and strategy that what could we do in Altyre in Scotland after the Climate Change effects.

Decision helper

Self-diagnosis tool for studying abroad. Guide students to conduct a self-analysis of the whole study period to choose the most suitable school.


A secure medical information device for use in public health care – saving time to save live.


The Plantrobot is a service design that combines equipment design and network service to explore the possibility that through tackling indoor planting linking to release city commuters’ emotional issue as well as a social network.

Transformation of fruit factory

This is the project that considers multiple stakeholders to build a new sharing economy fruit industry chain centred on user experience. It also eliminates the unreasonable income of the original industrial chain, reduces the passive situation of the production relationship of the processing plant, so the resources can reasonably and efficiently be mobilized and used.