Personal project
Service design / Product design / Interaction design


City commuters with mental pressure and social needs


By promoting office workers’ interests experience to reduce their pressure and expand more social network opportunity.


Mental Care & Interior Product Design


12 Weeks


The project is a service design that combines equipment design and network service to explore the possibility that through tackling indoor planting linking to release city commuters’ emotional issue as well as a social network.

Plantrobot is the service design which allows people who interested in pot planting taking care of their plants without excellent relevant skills and knowledge.

Especially for the city commuters who are under living pressure without independent social time and space, Plantrobot is the way to release themselves by exploring their interest and social network.





The mental health is the vital issue that bothers the city commuters’ daily lives as they are stuck with less salary and tons of jobs. The office workers do not have the chance to explore their benefits. How to release the pressure of them is a burning question to deal with in terms of people welfare.

I made the desk research work to find the reasons causing people’s stress. The fascinating point I discovered is that over half office workers have the experience of pot planting, both in their workplace and apartment. As one essential part in their daily life, the flower/pot-plant play the role of “communication partners”, “positive source” to make people happy to the environment they have to face day-by-day.

It is not always pleasant experiences in the interaction with planting work as flowers cannot keep green then people need alternative one monthly or seasonally.

How might we use the planting interests as a point-cut to reduce the stress of office worker?


I use culture probe to explore the touch-points of office workers’ daily lives in terms of sources of stress happen through recording their daily actions by themselves. Interview and observation methods understand the relationship between themselves and plants, also to interpret and understand commuters’ thinking and feeling as well as influence interacted with the environment.

To better understand the market environment and user experience of small plant planting, I investigated the plant maintenance methods in flower shop and user purchase process by expert interviews and focus group, which supported by audio and picture recording methods.

Empathy Map
Use the Empathy Map to understand office workers’ propositional value as well as what they desire and comfort.


  1. The office workers do not have enough time and energy to explore their social network and develop their interests.
  2. Planting is an easily accessible and low-cost way to receive comfort and confidence to make the owner keeping positive (perhaps not too much negative emotion) with the environment around him/her.
  3. The pot-planting activity can deliver a sense of happiness and health signal to flowers’ owner.
  4. It is hard to have a high skill in planting. As a result, people turn to buy the plant that usually has strong vitality without frequent pouring water.
Persona map
Set the Persona map up for comprehend the customers situation, what they desire and how can I help them.


For the commuter who lack independent social time and space with low pot planting skills but desire to have a pot plant, Plantrobot is the project that offering exciting interactive planting experience with real-product and plant-led social network.

Conceptual map
  1. Stage 1 LINKS

Linking stress reduction behaviors to the planter program provides targeted users with a more life-appropriate stress reduction approach, including planter base skill support, stress relief, and planter access point activities.

  1. Stage 2 SERVICE

Helping user build up the confidence and trust in the future life. Planting has introduced product design, interaction design, UX design and full-time data support concepts.

Product design focuses on planting. In addition to providing comprehensive physical support for plants, it also provides a platform for the construction of the entire interaction design, and excellent support for the end-user experience by cooperating with the background data.

  1. Stage 3 FUTURE CHANGE

By introducing the planting program to deal with three adjustable pressure elements (work & life, social, physical & mental)to change the pressure atmosphere of the whole vicious circle. To help target users releasing pressure and establish social relationships, providing users with more choices and possibilities in life and work.

The worry-free planting experience can meet the planting needs of users, and the full social circle and friend circle brought by the planting hobby matching function will bring new vitality to their life.

Product design:

The equipment provides functions including watering, fertilizing, sterilization, pest control, lighting and temperature and humidity control. Users can connect to the App through the network for interactive experience activities. After connecting to the App, the device provides the camera function, and users can publish the dynamic news of their plants in the community.

Conceptual sketching

When the indoor light is insufficient, or the equipment detects that plants need to fill the sun, the supplementary light will be automatically turned on to fill the light on the plants.

A camera on the top of the device can allow users to shoot and view the growth status of plants through the APP, so the top device is designed to rotate a certain Angle.

The Plantrobot has a self-charging function. When the power is lower than 30%, the device will automatically turn on the charging mode. The device rotates 120 degrees along the shaft, exposing the panel for charging.

App design:

  1. Purpose of Plantrobot App

Provide planting and pressure relief services for workers under high pressure in the city.

Through the new interactive experience mode of plant-equipment-user, the social scope of users can expand based on solving the planting problem.

  1. Effect of Plantrobot App

Meet users’ needs for planting knowledge and skills. Users can view real-time photos and status of their plants through the App at any time.

Through the social functions and various social activities provided by the App, users can not only release the pressure brought by life and work but also have access to multiple events and opportunities to enrich users’ life experience.

  1. Advantage of Plantrobot App

The App provides an excellent interactive experience, allowing users to view and interact with plants at any time.

With creative use of the popular hobby—planting—as the connection point, the App matches users with suitable friends, topics, societies and even future connections. It not only provides a variety of pressure-relieving methods but also creates opportunities and approaches for the uses, preparing them for potential changes and opportunities.

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