Winter School 2020
Glasgow School of Art
Group Project
Speculative Design

Taking part in the Winter School 2020 launched by Glasgow School of Art in Forres campus. The event is exploring the solutions and plan in 2050 after Climate Change which combined with over 170 designer and innovator from all over the world setting up by Nord Project and Google AI Strategy & Research and Innovation School of GSA.

Scenario introduction:

Greentocracy-In 2050, societies are highly divided, unequal and suppressed. Most of the Earth’s ecosystems are on a clearly chartered recovery plan.


Stable, Altyre, Forres, Scotland, UK


Using technology to emotionally connect the relationship between multiple human generations and the nature.


4 Days

Project approach

My role:

This project is holding by 5 Master students from Köln International School of Design and Glasgow School of Art.

My responsibility is to define the direction that we would like to explore, setting the stakeholder map with the indicative relationship. I also take part in the conceptual design work and the architect of the design as well as directing the storytelling video.

The storytelling video wins the Best Impressive Storytelling Award Nomination in Winter School 2020.


  1. Nature
  2. Citizen
  3. Scottish Government
  4. Technological company


For people who born after 2020, they really want to get in-touch with the true nature instead of “intangible nature”. They deserve the opportunity to explore the true nature after 30 years human concession for nature recovering.

We, human, don’t have related experience to support us to explore the balance between nature and our future as during the past 30 years our new generation only receive the information and education in-room instead of the real field.

So, what can we do to re-connect the relationship between nature and human?

Conceptual design:

How might we embody people’s  future expectation via build the new-relationship between human and nature base on the Stables in Altyre Estate?

Group work discussion

E5-LAND consists of online and offline experiences that provide opportunities for humans to explore nature.

Using VR 2050 technology allows users to “get in touch” with nature. Through functional transformation, stable serves as the starting point and core of users’ offline experience. The wind and solar energy can be used to power the stable itself. Collect and detect geographic resource information through the Settings of artificial intelligence and technology equipment.

Prototyping and usability testing

With computer technology, interactive data between human and nature can be applied to support the future development of Altyre. By using the data to simulate the results of the scene behaviour, the interaction between man and Altyre can be continuously modifying to achieve the future of co-existence and co-prosperity of man and nature.

We set up the design storytelling video, please click link below:

Youtube link

Tencent Video link

Design feature:

  1. E5-LAND VR Gaming:To raise people’s curiosity of nature and live about stable and Altyre area. Player will reach a higher-level education and skill related to the real-environment if they finish specific tasks
  2. E5-LAND Stables estate:People will visit there once they pass the section of the game. They could get the chance to visit Altyre Estate.
  3. Resources provider and monitor:Using multiple sensors and drones to monitor human’s activities and natural situation. Data will be analysed by AI and Cloud service to provide a better future between human and nature.

Social benefits:

  1. Through the combination of online game and offline experience, develop the tourism industry/service industry of this land and promote the economic development of stable and its surroundings.
  2. Promote harmony between man and nature. Promote human mental health, improve work efficiency.

Technical application:

  1. VR technology
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Wind energy, solar energy and other new energy technologies.


Focusing on and improving human mental health.

Through offline detection, data collection and recording, the dynamic connection between the person and the Altyre area will finally realize the future of co-existence and co-prosperity.

Through cooperation with more organizations or institutions or even close collaboration with other countries, Internet technology can be used for a more comprehensive layout to form the partnership, to realize the balanced development of man and nature.