Decision helper

Decision helper

Design Innovation
Group Project

Self-diagnosis tool for studying abroad. Guide students to conduct a self-analysis of the whole study period to choose the most suitable school.


Student who desires an appropriate university for her/his Master study.


Making students enjoy a Master abroad that they won’t regret.




2 Weeks

My role:

This is an innovative design project with the theme of “conflict” completed by 5 Masters students. I was fully involved in the social research and design process of the whole project, including research, discover, direction define, architecture build and service delivery. Furthermore, I was responsible for the design of engagement tools and service prototype design as well as storyboard telling.


It is not easy for international students to choose a good university that suits them, which is not only the acceptance and application of the course content but also the high tuition and living expenses.

The process of question defining.

When students get more than one offer, it is more challenging to choose a school. Numerous studies have shown that insufficient information about schools and cities can lead to varying degrees of regret and depression, which can affect learning and physical and mental health.

“Inner conflict” is the direction we use to explore users’ thoughts in the face of conflict and decision. By exploring the reasons for the gap between the ideal idea and the reality, and the factors behind it, think about what experiences and services are most appropriate for the target population.

Understanding the Inner conflict


During the study, we conducted many one-on-one user interviews to understand the factors that the target population considered when they needed to make a decision and why. At the same time, we also pay attention to mood changes and experiences during the conflict.

Qualitative research method.
Visualization engagement tool applying in the target group interviews.

The use of engagement tools allows respondents to quickly and accurately understand the question and enter the context. We explore “Inner conflict” by looking at the choices people make in complex conflict contexts, such as buying coffee cups from ethical companies @ecoffee.

Prototyping work.
The engagement tool can be used as a part of self-diagnosis experience for helping students consider more clearly.


  1. Lack of accurate information and resources to help students understand the university and the city
  2. The target population is susceptible to the opinions of others. There is no way to measure the importance of factors under the influence of both others’ and their ideas.
  3. Students subconsciously magnify the advantages and minimize the disadvantages, resulting in spending a lot of time and energy on the evaluation of options.


The solution allows users to experience the whole study abroad life, including “Decision helper” to provide users with an immersive understanding of the study abroad life they are going to experience, in addition to “customer feedback record” as the main content of the platform information support.

Storytelling board.
visualizing that what Decision helper could do for target students.


Provide students with a better understanding of the university and its city through a guided experience

Establish the environment and academic confidence for the users who are about to enter the study abroad career