Welcome to my website.


I’m an innovation service designer with the background of crossing-disciplinary cooperation, design research, design strategy and service design; always passionate with social innovation, entrepreneur development and community engagement.

我是一名创新服务设计师,具有跨学科合作、设计研究、设计策略和服务设计的学科背景, 且对社会创新、企业家发展和社区参与充满热情。

I apply research base on people’s behaviour and experience, extracted into the insights to contribute to the new solutions that promote convenience and efficiency. It’s always focusing on human-centred experience.


The projects and working experiences I have involved include:

Design the better service for GSA Archives and Collections to enhance the relevant experience for the school students and staff, solving the problem of access to patient data and privacy protection in an emergency for NHS NSS (Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service). I also work with other commercial companies and charities to develop and iterate better end-to-end services.

格拉斯哥艺术学院档案和收藏部门设计更好的服务,以提高学校学生和工作人员与档案馆相关联的体验,解决NHS NSS(苏格兰卫生服务的公共服务机构)在紧急情况下获取患者数据和隐私保护的问题。我还与其他商业公司和慈善机构合作,开发和迭代更好的端到端服务。

I’m study in:

During my study in product design (undergraduate) in Beijing Union University, I systematically learned about product design, iteration and packaging, market research, as well as related professional skills, 3D Modeling and rendering. The first time I learned about innovation design and service was when I attended a workshop held by the professor from the University of Sheffield SISA (Sheffield Institute for Studies on Aging) in school. From then on, I became interested in innovative design, studied it and applied it to my design thinking and project development.

在北京联合大学学习产品设计(本科)期间,我系统学习了产品设计、迭代与包装、市场调研、相关专业技能、3D建模与渲染。我第一次了解到创新设计和服务是在学校参加谢菲尔德大学教授(Sheffield Institute for Studies on Aging)举办的工作坊时。从那时起,我对创新设计产生了兴趣,开始研究并将其应用到我的设计思维和项目开发中。

My master’s program is MDes Design Innovation & Service Design in Glasgow School of Art. So far, I have explored solutions to the conflicts between cultural heritage and people’s new needs under the influence of contemporary social values, designed functional innovation of the public sector with user interaction experience as the touchpoint, and studied innovative design with the people-oriented design thinking and user experience as the leading role.


I used working on:

During the postgraduate study, I have two short-term inter-disciplinary cooperation experiences. The first one collaborates with professional people from technique, engineering, medical health to design the solution for patient’s data security in an emergency. The second one is working with people from interaction design, Internationale management and integrated design to explore a new relationship between human and nature after climate crisis.


In the undergraduate stage, I work for a fruit factory as an internship and take responsibility for the design of the operation process of incoming goods and online sales process. And the other internship is working for Explosive Virus New Media marketing studio in Tencent crowd creation space, with the responsibility of publicity and business visualization works.


I’m passionate and interested in:

I also keep a close eye on other fields besides design, such as sociology, history and technology-driven industries including artificial intelligence, big data analysis and application. Because the study of different areas can always bring me different perspectives to find, understand and deal with problems. At the same time, it helped me think about how to give society, technology, business and nature a more reasonable way to get along.

I like working in a collaborative way and keeping learn more knowledge and skills from different people.



I’m good in:

User research, user interview, research analysis, workshop facilitation, storytelling, user journey mapping prototype design, strategy development, UX design, product design, usability testing.



MDes Design Innovation & Service Design
(2019 – Now)
Glasgow School of Art & University of Glasgow

BA Product Design
(2014 – 2018)
Beijing Union University